Sunday, July 15, 2018

Why are we buying even helicopters from abroad?

Make in India in defence is a serious issue. Unfortunately, this government specialises in perception building, image-making and in coinages like Make in India… a kind of building an advertising campaign…what we have is just a document. Where is the policy? We are still groping around defence procurement procedures, not even policy. Where is Defence production strategy ?I just want to look into the big items. Where is the Arjun tank after four years? How has the LCA Tejas moved? How has modernisation of IAF accelerated? From 36 squadrons, we have come down to 31.We lost the last year of the UPA Government and the last four years of the Modi Government and we have paid a high price. Globally, the defence Industry is not growing; it is stagnant in fact. So, we need to push our own agenda and bargain on technology transfer as buyers.
15/07/18 Kapil Kak/National Herald