Friday, August 03, 2018

After PM Modi's BRICS-related visit to Johannesburg, Air India realises it doesn't have flights to Africa!

In the wake of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Johannesburg for the BRICS summit that ended last weekend and before that, his brief visits to Rwanda and Uganda, Air India appears to be reworking its links with Africa. During a high-level meeting in New Delhi, top Air India officials realized that the national carrier did not have a single flight to any of the 50-odd African countries for all of India's talk about closeness to people of the continent. And there hasn't been a flight to Africa in the last decade and more!
This is despite India publicly saying there is a strong relationship between with African countries because of the shared experience of colonialism. There are also statements that despite China's expanding economic links with the nations on the African continent, India understands Africa better. During the meeting last Saturday (Air India chairman Pradeep Karola was present), it was decided that the national carrier, in the dark about Africa for a decade, would at least consider having flights to Africa once again.
03/08/18 Srinjoy Chowdhury/TimesNow News