Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Air India, Vistara's Sanjiv Kapoor indulge in banter on Twitter

New Delhi: A tweet from state-run carrier Air India this evening about the diversion of a Chicago-bound flight led to a banter on social media between the airline and full service carrier Vistara's chief strategy and commercial officer Sanjiv Kapoor.
Around 7.30 pm, Air India tweeted that its Chicago-bound flight from Delhi was being diverted to Chicago Rockford International Airport because of weather conditions.
Apparently amazed at the name of the airport, the actual destination from where the plane was being diverted to Rockford airport, being missed out, Kapoor offered his help.
"Let me help you. There is no such thing as Chicago Airport. You mean Chicago O'Hare Airport. As opposed to Chicago Midway," he tweeted.
His tweet came as a surprise for Air India.
"Dear Mr Sanjiv we are pleasantly surprised to note your keen observation on our updates. Your concern is appreciated," the airline replied.
Kapoor went on to compare the mistake to a famous goof-up by a news anchor in 2014, when she had referred the Chinese premier Xi Jinping as "Eleven" Jinping.
28/08/18 PTI/Times of India