Saturday, August 11, 2018

Airline companies keep fingers crossed as water level in Periyar rises

Thiruvananthapuram: Airline companies which operate services in the state, especially to and from the Kochi airport (CIAL), are keeping their fingers crossed as the water level in the Periyar is rising after the shutters of the Idamalayar and Cheruthoni reservoirs were lifted. The companies will have to incur huge operational cost in case of flight diversions to neighbouring airports if the Kochi airport is closed.
The Kochi airport was shut down in 2013 for two days after water flooded the runway and the parking bay. But more than operational losses, the airlines are worried more about aircraft being marooned in the airport in the event of flooding. A senior Air India Express officer told Express they have hauled up an aircraft meant for Kochi airport at Madurai last night as the airline company couldn’t afford an aircraft being stuck in an airport due to flooding.

If a couple of aircraft of an airline company is marooned in an airport due to flooding or some other reasons, the entire schedule of the company would get affected. And for an airline company, aircraft being stuck in airports is a serious issue than incurring operational expenditure due to flight diversion, he said. Hence, the airlines are monitoring the developments at the Kochi airport than anyone else as it has the potential to upset the entire schedule of a company which has a base in the affected airport.
11/08/18 Dhinesh Kallungal/New Indian Express