Monday, August 06, 2018

Bad weather in HP forces cancellation of Delhi-Dharamsala flights

DHarmasala:  Bad weather has not only hampered rail and road services in lower parts of Himachal Pradesh but air connectivity too has suffered. On Monday, all flights to Dharamsala from Delhi were cancelled as the visibility was very poor and it was impossible for the flights to land amid mountains.

Sonam Norbu, manager of the Kangra airport told TOI that visibility was only 2km today so authorities were forced to cancel all the flights from Delhi. “Usually there were four flights daily, two of spice jet, two of Air India. But today only three were scheduled and even those were cancelled due to bad weather” he said.
Passengers who have to reach Delhi were transported to Amritsar airport. Those, who can spare a day, were adjusted in flights for Tuesday.
06/08/18 Shri Puri/Times of India