Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Birds on IGI airstrip force plane to pull up

New Delhi: Passengers flying from Chennai to Delhi on Saturday were surprised when while approaching to land at IGI Airport, their Air India Airbus A-320 suddenly pulled up sharply when they were not too far from touch down. The captain of flight had spotted a private airliner at the take-off roll point of the runway in almost the same place where she was supposed to touch down during final approach. She had no option but do a toga — take off/go around.
A spokesman of Airports Authority of India, which controls air traffic control, confirmed the episode. “Presence of birds on runways is very common in monsoon. Standard operating procedures were followed in Delhi when AI 143 was coming in to land on August 4,” the spokesman said.
“The pilot saw birds and another aircraft on the airstrip. We train our pilots that when in doubt, they must go around and return to land safely in second attempt. Our commander understood that the other aircraft might not have taken off due to presence of birds on the runway and decided to go around from a height of about 400 feet,” a senior AI official said.
08/08/18 Saurabh Sinha/Times of India