Thursday, August 09, 2018

British Airways Offloads Indian IAS Officer Family Over 3-Year Old Son Crying

An incident of racism in British Airways faced by Indian IAS officer family has been reported on Thursday.
The family was travelling to Berlin from London in British Airways on July 23 When their 3-year-old son started crying and a flight attendant came and threatened to offload them.
The Flight attendant said, “If your kid doesn't keep quiet we will offload you from the plane,” and after a while, he called the security as the kid doesn’t stop crying and we were offloaded.
As per reports in media, AP Pathak said, “We had to make our own arrangements for staying and travelling to Berlin the next day by paying a very hefty amount.”
After they were offloaded from the plane Pathak called up the customer care service but did not get any reasons of the offloading, and the management had also not taken any action against the crew despite lodging a complaint.
09/08/18 Javed Saifi/News World