Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Fliers harassed at Sahnewal airport

Ludhiana: Passengers were harassed as the flight at Sahnewal had to be cancelled as it arrived late on Monday and couldn’t take off before sunset.
The flight reached at 6:31 pm while the sunset time was 6:57 pm. The passengers could not board the plan before sunset and the flight was cancelled at the last minute. Many passengers had connected flights to other places.
On Tuesday also, the flight reached around 5 pm against its scheduled time of 3:55 pm. It departed at 5:25 pm.
Director of Sahnewal Airport AN Sharma said the flight got delayed on Tuesday. “It is not a routine. Rarely do flights get delayed. We have to see the safety of passengers first and only then we let the flight take off,” he said.
28/08/18 Tribune