Friday, August 03, 2018

HAL step closer to develop rotary UAVs for military ops

New Delhi: Defence aviation PSU Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd got a step closer to developing large rotary UAVs capable of carrying weapons when it successfully test flew here a two-stroke petrol engine, light weight helicopter that can fly 10 km with a 2.5-kg payload capability.

According to a statement, the Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd recently demonstrated the flight of the rotary wing unmanned aerial vehicle (RUAV) here in the presence of its board of directors.

It is a two-stroke petrol engine, twin blade main rotor and tail rotor, has payload capability of 2.5 kg including live stream video camera with a 8-10 km range of the vehicle and an endurance of one hour.
03/08/18 IANS/Statesman