Friday, August 10, 2018

High in the sky: 132 pilots caught drunk before flying aircraft in last 3 years, many repeat offenders

New Delhi: A staggering number of 132 pilots have been found drunk before flying aircraft over the course of three years at various airports in the country. This comes despite stringent rules prescribed by the airlines regulator, including the cancellation of the flying license of pilots who violate the rules. The airlines too are said to have taken strict actions against erring pilots, but the number of drunken pilots has not decreased. The Ministry of Civil Aviation informed the Rajya Sabha last week that 132 pilots were found to have consumed alcohol during the pre-flight examination, in violation of the rules. In 2015, 43 such pilots were caught, while in 2016, 44 pilots were found drunk. On the other hand, 45 such incidents were recorded in 2017.
According to the data shared by the ministry, out of these 132 pilots, 112 had tested breath-analyzer positive for the first time and their licence was suspended for three months. 15 of these pilots had tested positive for the second time, and their licenses were revoked for three years.
10/08/18 TimesNow News