Tuesday, August 28, 2018

India gets its first policy for drones; adopts all-digital process, issues guidelines

The Civil Aviation Ministry today came up with India's first policy to regulate sales, purchase and use of drones. Named as Drone Regulations 1.0, it provides guidelines and has provision for stricter penalties under various sections of IPC.
The ministry has been working for several years to establish a fool-proof drone ecosystem in India. 
During the unveiling of the policy, Minister of State Jayant Sinha said, “We want to establish a world-leading drone ecosystem. These regulations firmly place us among the global leaders. Our policy roadmap will certainly provide a strong impetus to all players in the drone ecosystem. We hope that these initiatives will enable us to create a vibrant new industry.”
Nowadays, drones have a wide range of applications from photography to agriculture, from infrastructure asset maintenance to insurance. Drones range in size from very small and those that can carry multiple kilograms of payload.
"It was necessary to develop global standard drone regulations that would permit, will appropriate safeguards, the commercial application of various drone technologies. The preparation of these drone regulations through a Civil Aviation Requirement (CAR) has taken multiple years because: (1) drone technologies have been evolving very rapidly; (2) many countries are still experimenting with their drone regulations and no ICAO stands have been developed; and (3) India’s security environment necessitates extra precautions," said the ministry.
27/08/18 ZeeBiz