Saturday, August 11, 2018

Jet Airways has not approached govt for any assistance: Choubey

Jet Airways has not approached the government for any assistance, RN Choubey, Secretary, Civil Avaition, said on Friday when asked if the government plans to step in, given the tight financial situation that the airline is facing.

“If Jet comes forward and makes any specific request we will look at it. But at the moment they have not approached us,” Choubey said on the sidelines of a civil aviation seminar organised by Assocham.

In response to a question on whether the government is worried about possible retrenchment in the airline, Choubey said: “If Jet has not told us that they have are going to retrench why should we be worried? Airlines are not bound to inform us when they retrench but when airlines get into trouble they normally come to us.”

The government does not plan any financial audit of Jet Airways but is watching the developments in the airline.
10/08/18 Business Line