Monday, August 20, 2018

Jewar Airport Latest News: Uttar Pradesh's 'loss' after 17-years to be Haryana's gain? What reports say

New Delhi: The Jewar International Airport project was conceived in 2001 when Rajnath Singh was UP chief minister but it faces several hurdles. Later, when BJP lost power, the plan was forgotten. With the BJP ruling both at the Centre and in Uttar Pradesh, the ambitious project has gathered some speed but the stalemate continues even after 17 years. 

Contradictory reports have come up about the Jewar Airport project in Uttar Pradesh. The Indian Express today reported sources as saying that the Jewar International Airport project may be shifted to another state, possibly Haryana, because of an "alleged stalemate" between the Uttar Pradesh government and local farmers in Jewar tehsil of Gautam Buddha Nagar district. The report quotes a source as saying that "efforts to get the consensus of farmers are still underway but a final agreement has not been reached".

The official further said that the project might be shifted to Haryana if the Uttar Pradesh government failed to acquire 3000 acres of land in the first phase of the project. Haryana already had 2500 acres of land, the official said.
20/08/18 ZeeBiz