Monday, August 20, 2018

Kerala floods: Commercial flights to Kochi resume after Navy opens up airstrip for civilian use

Kochi: The first commercial flight landed today in Kochi over a fortnight after air traffic to the city was completely shut down due to massive flooding at the Cochin International Airport. Operations at the Kochi airport still remain suspended, but an Alliance Air, an Air India subsidiary, flight landed today at the city's naval airstrip, which has been opened up the Indian Navy for commercial operations.

The Alliance Air flight took off from Benglauru and landed at INS Garuda, a naval air station. This is the first time in years at that the Navy base has been opened for civilian traffic.

Operations at the Cochin International Airport have been completely shut since last week due to massive flooding at the airfield. The airport is shut until August 26, prompting the Indian Navy to offer its airstrip for civilian use.
20/08/18 India Today