Saturday, August 11, 2018

Khushi Advertising Bags Exclusive Rights To Advertise At Rajkot Airport

Khushi Advertising has bagged exclusive rights for advertising at Rajkot airport for the third time, after Vadodara and Madurai airports. Khushi has been awarded these rights by the Airport Authority of India for 10 years.

This contract entitles Khushi sole rights for advertising in the entire precinct of Rajkot airport, both within and outside the airport. Rajkot airport has traffic of 30000+ passengers and 6000+ visitors monthly. It supports flight traffic of 4499 flights yearly, with Air India and Jet Airways flying to New Delhi and Mumbai.
The fourth largest city in Gujarat, Rajkot ranks amongst the 50 fastest growing regions in the world. Popular as the gateway to 100 states Sau-rashtra, Rajkot is the hub for the entire Saurashtra-Kutch region covering over 55 per cent of Gujarat land and over 45 per cent of population. It even boasts of a 'Princes only' school RajKumar College (RKC) admitting only royalty scions from the 100 odd princely states till independence.