Tuesday, August 07, 2018

MP seeks ‘hub and spoke’ operations at Vadodara airport

Vadodara: Lok Sabha MP Ranjan Bhatt on Monday raised the demand for ‘hub and spoke’ operations at the Vadodara airport. She has also written in this regard to union aviation minister Suresh Prabhu.
Bhatt has stated in her letter that international flyers were dependent on the Ahmedabad airport in the state so far. She said that the Vadodara airport could emerge as an alternative for such travellers as it already catered to passengers from nine to 10 districts in the state. Bhatt has stated that international services at the airport may take some time in kicking off as it will need land acquisition to increase the length of the airstrip at the airport. Till then she said that ‘Hub and Spoke’ operations could be started by having immigration and customs facilities at the airport.
Having such a facility would ensure that those flying from other international airports in the country could get their customs and immigration checks and Vadodara while boarding a flight from Vadodara to the international airport. The fliers need not undergo customs and immigration checks at the international airport again before boarding the flights to the foreign country.
“Since the beginning, we are trying to improve connectivity at the new terminal building,” said Vadodara airport director Charan Singh.
07/08/18 Times of India