Sunday, August 26, 2018

Nagpur Airport to conduct year-long study on bird hazards

The Mihan India Limited (MIL) that operates and maintains the Nagpur airport plans to conduct a year-long ecological study on bird hazards in the 15-km-radius of Nagpur Airport, in order to study the community composition of birds in different seasons, along with habitat relation of avian communities.

The aviation industry has been grappling with the challenging task of dealing with birds hitting aircrafts. At times, this leads to engine failure or emergency landings, which can be a cause for a potential threat to the lives of passengers and crew on board.

The MIL in a bid document floated, stated that it is conducting an ecological study in the vicinity of Nagpur Airport airfield to study community composition in different seasons and further training the operations and wildlife management personnel to identity bird species and apply correct management techniques for each species.
26/08/18 Mehul R Thakkar/DNA