Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Navy's Massive Deal For Boeing Anti-Submarine Aircraft Slammed By Auditor

New Delhi:  In a stinging indictment of one of India's most crucial defence deals, the government's auditor - Comptroller and Auditor General or CAG - has said that American aircraft manufacturing company Boeing was unfairly awarded a 2.13 billion dollar deal for eight P8-I anti-submarine warfare aircraft from the United States in January 2009. 
According to the report, the Defence Ministry "enhanced" or inflated the financial bid of EADS/CASA of Spain to include a 20 year product support cost package for the rival aircraft that they offered. The same product support package was ignored in the case of Boeing initially. 

The CAG says that though a separate product support package was negotiated with Boeing, the overall package for anti-submarine aircraft offered by Boeing was more expensive than that offered by EADS/CASA which was offering a variant of the A-319 aircraft configured for a maritime reconnaissance role.
07/08/18  Vishnu Som/NDTV