Monday, August 27, 2018

Nigerian national held with fake visa

Bengaluru: The Bureau of Immigration officials at Kempegowda International Airport arrested a 25-year-old Nigerian national while she was boarding a domestic flight to Delhi with fake visa permits on Wednesday.

According to officials, Ogah Oluwtomisin Stella from Abuja, Nigeria, forged a visa and had been living in Delhi for one year after her original student visa expired. She was able to procure the forged documents through a contact identified only as Ijata. Inquiries revealed that the woman had come to India in October 2016 on student visa and enrolled in a private college in Bengaluru to study theology. She later moved to Delhi as she was unable to adjust to life in Bengaluru.

Y.S. Saini, Immigration officer, in his complaint to the police said that when her visa expired, Stella managed to procure fake documents. It was on these documents that she recently travelled from Delhi to Bengaluru, and got caught during her return journey. Mr. Saini, while verifying her passport and visa documents, realised something amiss. On closer inspection, he realised that even the seal of Delhi airport immigration authorities had been forged.
26/08/18 The Hindu