Friday, August 10, 2018

Six-hour delay in flight leaves passengers fuming

Pune: The passengers of a Jet Airways flight from Pune to Bengaluru were left fuming after a six-hour delay in its scheduled departure.
The flight (9W773) was supposed to take off from the Lohegaon airport at 5.55am. However, it finally took off around noon, causing hassles and frustration for many flyers, who had arrived at the airport early in view of the Thursday’s state-wide bandh and did not take kindly to the delay.
Pratik Sethi, one of the aggrieved passengers, took to twitter to vent out his anger. “So, our Jet airways flight has a glitch right before the boarding time and now stuck at the Pune airport for 3 hours! Way to go!” he tweeted.
Another flyer Hari Shanker wrote, “Awaiting for the delayed flight 9W773. The travellers are being treated rudely by the Jet Airways ground staff in Pune. Even basic things like water and tea is being denied from 4.30am. Same condition with clueless flight attendants sitting with us at Baker Street.”
10/09/18 Joy Sengupta/Times of India