Monday, August 06, 2018

Taxiway straigthening to be completed by March 2019

Chennai: Flying in an out of Chennai airport will be hassle-free for airlines early next year as Airports Authority of India (AAI) will complete straightening of a taxiway and linking of rapid exit taxiway's to the main runway by March.
This will reduce congestion on air side as planes will save ten minutes to reach the Guindy-end of main runway for take off while rapid exit taxiway will help planes that have touched down to move out of the main runway to allow more take offs and landings.
The taxiway which runs infront of the old airport building where cargo flights are handled at present is a bottleneck because it curves and runs closer to the main runway to make way for parking bays infront of the terminal. Pilots have to either slowdown or wait at the spot where the taxiway turns if there is a movement of cargo plane on the parking bays or if flights are landing on the runway. Taxiing takes 10minutes more than it should usually take from the terminal to reach the Guindy-end of the runway. The airport is also not able to handle widebodied planes like A380 and giant cargo flights smoothly.
AAI has started straightening work a few months ago as part of the phase 2 expansion of the airport. A senior official said that the straightening of taxiway is on schedule and would be completed by March next year. The apron space in front of the cargo terminal will have to be acquired. The old airport building also may have to be pulled down at a later stage. The authorities have already started aranging an alternative space for parking carg planes.
06/08/18 Times of India