Monday, August 20, 2018

Three held at Mumbai airport for bid to smuggle in 6kg of gold

Mumbai: Smugglers seem to have found a clever way of getting contraband into the country: the duty free zone. The customs air intelligence unit (AIU) on Sunday arrested two passengers from Bangkok with 6kg of gold bars worth Rs1.67 crore upon their arrival at Mumbai, and one passenger who had flown in from New Delhi.
Amritsar natives Karan Kumar and Harish Chopra flew in from Bangkok, and Ajay Kumar from Delhi. An officer said that AIU were tipped off that gold was being brought in by two passengers on an Air India morning flight from Bangkok. Kumar and Chopra were among those who attracted suspicion. Before they could go to the duty free zone with the smuggled gold, AIU officers made them put their baggage in an X-ray machine at the customs checkpoint at the exit.

They were busted in the process. During interrogation, they confessed that the consignment was to be passed through a duty free shop.
20/08/18 Ahmed Ali/Times of India