Monday, August 27, 2018

Throwback: The story behind Air India’s first flight in 1932

The story of India’s national carrier Air India goes back a long time, way before the country even got its Independence. The airline, which is now the largest international carrier out of the country and serves passengers over 60 international destinations in four continents, was founded in the year 1932 by Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata and was called Tata Air Services.  For those who are unaware, JRD Tata played a huge role in getting India its first commercial airline service. JRD was not only a business tycoon from the Tata family but was also an Indian aviator. After winning the commercial licence in 1929, JRD founded the airlines in 1932 after he won the contract to carry mails for Imperial Airways.
Soon after, Tata formed the aviation department of the group and roped in two de Havilland Puss Moths. In the same year on October 15, Tata flew one of the Puss Moths with the air mail shipment from Karachi to Mumbai (Bombay), following which the aircraft was flown to Chennai (Madras) by Nevill Vintcent, who was a Royal Airforce pilot and a dear friend of JRD Tata. So, this was the story of Air India’s first flight which occurred when the national carrier was not even a government-owned entity. 
In its initial years of service, the airline used to deliver weekly mails between Karachi, Chennai via Ahmedabad and Mumbai. If reports are to be believed, the airline flew approximately 1,60,000 miles in its first year of operation and carried about 9.71 tonnes of mail. It made a profit of $870 dollars. 
26/08/18 Times Now News