Thursday, August 09, 2018

Trolley management: Airport returns to old system

Kolkata:  Propelled by the revised norms set by the Kolkata Airport authorities to rein in errant trolley handlers, an agency that did not renew its trolley management contract because of growing union trouble at the airport two years ago is set to make a comeback.
Aroon Aviation, a Delhibased trolley management firm that was in charge of the upkeep of trolleys from 2013 to 2016, will take over services later this week. The authorities recently decided that no trolley retriever would be allowed to work after the age of 58. They will also have to furnish a fitness certificate while resuming work after any major health issue.
“We know how things work in Kolkata and we must admit the trolley retrievers here have a strong hold of the union, but we have been assured that over the past few months things have changed. It was difficult to change the mindset of the old retrievers who were well past their prime but with those above the age of 58 gone, it will be easier to work with the young faces along with some experienced ones,” said Praveen Nautiyal, general manager of Aroon Aviation Services Pvt Ltd.
09/08/18 Tamaghna Banerjee/Times of India