Sunday, August 26, 2018

Two airline firms asked to pay for consumer's baggage loss

The Suburban Mumbai District's consumer dispute redressal forum found two air firms, British Airways as well as the American Airlines, guilty of providing faulty services to one of their consumers who had lost her baggage in the travel. It directed the companies to pay back towards the consumer's loss. Apart from the compensation towards the loss of her property, the forum has also asked them to pay an amount towards the complainant's mental agony as well as her litigation charges.

Chandrika Soni, a Gorai resident was traveling from Orlando to Mumbai on April 28, 2016, and for the same, she had purchased a ticket worth Rs 56,596. It was not a direct flight and so initially she boarded American Airlines, which took her to London and from London, she boarded British Airways to reach Mumbai. While boarding her flight from America, she had checked in along with four luggage bags, however, when she reached Mumbai, one of her bag which had gifts which she had received, few clothes and some of her jewelry, went missing.
When she inquired for the same at Mumbai airport, they could not find the bag, rather after continuous follow-up, she was informed that they were unable to trace the bag and hence offered her a deal of Rs 35,000 for the loss. When she refused the offer, she was asked for the receipts of the gift items which were present in the bags which had gone missing in order to find out about the right worth of the bag.
26/08/18 Pranali Lotlikar Chindarkar/DNA