Tuesday, September 11, 2018

A US Woman Flew an All-Woman Piloted Flight to India and Cannot Stop Gushing About It

India may not be the best place when it comes to women's safety and equality in jobs and education, but there is one aspect in which Indian women seem to be ahead of the rest of world - becoming pilots.
The distinction was highlighted recently by a US flyer who flew from New York to New Delhi in a commercial aircraft piloted by an all-woman crew.
Yes, India has one of the highest numbers of female pilots in the world. According to a recent Reuters report, 12 percent of Indian pilots are women. The global average of women pilots is just 5 percent!
India is the world's fastest-growing aviation market, with domestic capacity growing 22% in the first half of the year, so airlines there are under particular pressure.
Maria Bucur, a professor of history and gender studies at Indiana University told Reuters that recruiting more women is an obvious way to help solve the pilot shortage. However, she said that social constraints have worked against that.
11/09/18 News18.com