Thursday, September 13, 2018

AAI officials writes to Suresh Prabhu to address grievance over lateral hiring

The officers of Communication, Navigation & Surveillance (CNS)  department at  Airportity of India (AAI) have written to civil aviation minister Suresh Prabhu complaining that the management held a 'half-hearted" meeting with them as a result of which their grievance over lateral hiring  remained inconclusive. The meeting between representatives from CNS and AAI management was held recently at the insistence of the ministry , the sources said.

The CNS  officer who  are mandated with maintaining air navigation related infrastructure as a consequence  have decided to surrender the Rating/Proficiency acquired all over the years through rigorous training wef September 24. It is a must as per civil aviation rules. The officers claim that they did not surrender it earlier as planned as the country was going through the horrors of flooding in Kerala. "Further forthcoming ICAO visit is also likely to take a note of the surrender of proficiency." a CNS official said This is likely to  endanger the Aviation safety as CNS officers will not hold any responsibility in case of any major or minor failure of CNS facilities" said a senior CNS officer.

The industry experts said that even the Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR Requirements) mandate the rigorous training is mandatory requirement for CNS officers in India) for deployment  in the channels.
12/09/18 Shahkar Abidi/DNA