Friday, September 14, 2018

Experts to conduct study to make Cial flood-resistant

Kochi: Though operations of Cochin International Airport Ltd (Cial) resumed on August 29, nearly two weeks after closure, the airport is yet to complete the restoration work.
They have hired several experts to study the damage and its causes to make the airport flood-resistant.
Cial officials said they have appointed Kitco and Kerala Water Authority to jointly prepare a study on the possible improvements the airport can make to its infrastructure.
"Kitco and KWA will provide us with their initial report on October 15, after which we will proceed with restructuring of the airport by taking their findings into account," said a Cial official.
Cia has also hired two Dutch engineers who arrived in Kochi two days ago to survey the airport. Cial officals informed they will also be preparing a report.
14/09/18 Vikram Vinod/Times of India