Saturday, September 29, 2018

Flying Attendant Tells Indian American Mom Her Baby’s Crying is ‘Absolutely Unacceptable’, Airline Apologizes

A new mom who was flying on United Airlines got an apology and a refund after a flight attendant told her it was “absolutely unacceptable” for her baby to be crying for more than five minutes on the plane, the New York Post reported.
Krupa Patel Bala, her husband and their 8-month-old son were flying business class from Sydney to San Francisco Sept. 25, according to a Facebook post she wrote, the report said.

According to Bala, her baby began to cry in his bassinet at the beginning of the flight and an attendant came over and “yelled” at them. The full Facebook post can be found here:

The flight attendant then told her to pick the baby up and soothe it, and then warned that some airlines don’t even let babies fly business class, the report said.

“I was told it’s part of the rule book that the babies are not allowed to cry for more than 5 minutes,” Bala wrote on Facebook. But she said she connected her phone to the airplane’s Wi-Fi, read United’s guidelines and found that no time limit exists, the publication added.
Later on, the plane’s captain came over with the attendant to defuse the situation, but Bala says that only the captain was apologetic, it said.
“We’ve been in touch with our customer via social media and United representatives met the family upon arrival to apologize, offer a refund and make clear that the experience she relayed doesn’t reflect our commitment to serving our customers, including our youngest customers,” United said in a statement to Fox KTVU.
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