Thursday, September 27, 2018

Jet Airways plans to phase out ATRs completely by 2024

Mumbai: Jet Airways is looking to phase out ATRs, its short-haul regional aircraft, from its fleet completely by 2024. The ATR is used by the airline to provide regional connectivity to smaller towns and cities.
In the winter schedule starting October, Jet plans to cut routes that use these aircraft using the narrow-body Boeing 737 on some routes, sources familiar with the development said.

Jet’s top management team, including its EVP, flight operations and engineering, Nikhil Ved, met ATR pilots in August to discuss career progression issues as there is discontent among ATR pilots due to planned phasing out of the fleet and also leasing ATRs to a regional carrier. The management assured them of job progression and also that the lease agreement will not “change the employment status of the pilots”.

The fleet plan puts operating ATRs till 2024, the time the last lease of the ATR in Jet’s fleet expires. Jet currently has 18 ATRs in its fleet, of these 15 are the ATR72-500 variants, leases of which are due to expire starting 2021. Seven of these are to be leased to Hyderabad-based regional carrier TruJet, three in October this year, two in January and the remaining in March next year.
27/09/18  Manisha Singhal/Financial Express