Saturday, September 01, 2018

Pilots’ Error to Blame for Near-Crash of Rahul’s Plane: DGCA

Aviation regulator DGCA has blamed error on part of the pilots for the near-crash of Congress president Rahul Gandhi's chartered plane at Hubli in North Karnataka four months back.
On 26 April, the 10-seater plane carrying Gandhi suddenly tilted heavily on the left side and the altitude dipped steeply with violent shuddering of the aircraft body before landing at the Hubli airport in north Karnataka.
In its report made public on Friday, 31 August, the DGCA said, "(the) Crew initiated action only when the master cautions warning i.e after 15 seconds of autopilot disengage."
Such a warning appears in the form of a red light and audio warning in the cockpit for the pilot to take action and avoid in the split second any mishap.
The panel recommended corrective training for the cockpit crew and a regulatory audit of the organization to check the compliance of regulations as part of its safety recommendations.

When the aircraft was at(41,000 feet), the commander requested Hyderabad ATC for direct routing to way point (BOGAT), the DGCA report said.

"At this time, the yaw damper (which is a device to reduce the rolling and yawing oscillations) failed, indication came on primary flight display and the auto pilot got disengaged. Both the pilots got busy in isolating the autopilot failure and did not realise that the aircraft has gone into right bank (steep turn). After 15 seconds of autopilot disengaged, the bank angle warning got activated that was the time when crew realized that the aircraft has gone into a bank," the panel said in its report.
According to the report, the commander took over control manually, by the time aircraft had gone into "excessive bank" of around 65 degrees.

"During this time, aircraft had lost around 125ft from its cruising altitude. While the commander was in the process of controlling the bank angle, the aircraft continued to lose height by another 610 feet in 9 seconds from the time when bank angle warning activated.

"Thereafter, the commander stabilized the aircraft and climbed back the aircraft to its assigned level of FL 410 (41,000 feet)," the report said.
01/09/18 PTI/Quint

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