Thursday, September 13, 2018

Regulating drones:policy in place, but is DGCA equipped

While cataloguing the numerous, and steadily increasing, benefits of drones in scores of facets of
our daily lives, it is easy to ignore the fact that drone technologies also pose a threat to our quality
of life. Their ability to fly largely unchallenged into private and public spaces, take high-definition
pictures from stand-oranges and even transmit them live, work autonomously or under rogue control, carry small but potentially lethal payloads into unauthorised and sensitive areas, and trespass into civil and military air space, are safety and security hazards that come as expensive collaterals to the rewards the technology offers to mankind.
Understandably, national security concerns have prompted governments the world over to resist
proliferation of drones in their respective air spaces. However, industrial lobbies motivated by lucre, have inexorably triumphed over establishment trepidation and, gradually, nations have been relenting by putting into place regulations that permit profit-making uses of drones while ensuring reasonable control over their operations to prevent unfettered, free-for-all invasions of air space and privacy.
13/09/18 Gr.Capt.AK Sachdev(retd)/Deccan Herald