Friday, September 07, 2018

Sea plane dream dead in water? CDA looks to deliver killer punch

The Union Civil Aviation Ministry proposal to start a water aerodrome and sea plane operation from Chilika lake in Odisha seems to have hit a roadblock as the Chilika Development Authority (CDA) has opposed it, saying it is likely to cause irrevocable damage to the eco-system and livelihood of the population dependent on it.

According to the CDA report, "The cost involved from operation of sea plane seems far outweigh the benefits likely to accrue. Legally it is also not feasible."

This was in response to the Odisha government's query to the CDA to study the Civil Aviation Ministry's proposal for setting up a water aerodrome and sea plane operation from the lagoon, said a PTI report.

The CDI reportedly said that the lake is a highly productive eco-system with rich fishery resources sustaining the livelihood of more than two lakh fishermen who live in and around the lake. Further, the report added that based on its rich biodiversity and socio-economic importance, Chilika lake is designated as a Ramsar Site in 1981 as wetland of international importance.
07/09/18 ZeeBiz