Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Smugglers’ gold rush at airport

Being a new airport and having direct connectivity with Dubai, Bangkok and Sharjah, the Chandigarh international airport has apparently become a hotspot for gold smuggling, mainly from Dubai.
Recovery of nearly 48-kg gold, worth around Rs 14 crore, by sleuths of the Customs Department and the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) in 42 cases since the start of international flights on September 15, 2016, substantiates the fact.
“On an average, 2 kg of smuggled gold is recovered here every month. However, the number of persons caught smuggling gold in a span of just 24 months indicates that the security arrangements of the Customs and DRI departments are being tested at the new airport,” said a senior government official deputed at the airport.
Officials at the airport recovered huge quantities of gold in four cases this year. The quantities recovered were 8.164 kg (worth Rs 2.26 crore), 7 kg (Rs 2.1 crore), 3.862 kg (Rs 1.18 crore) and 1.1 kg (worth Rs 35.50 lakh). The huge recoveries indicate that the smugglers have started making big attempts now.
05/09/18 Tribune