Saturday, September 29, 2018

Stranded for 10 days, Indian Air Force comes to rescue of 97 from Himachal Pradesh's Chamba & Kilar

This real-life air evacuation mission had all the ingredients of a Hollywood potboiler.
Indian Air Force pulled off a daredevil mission cruising through an inaccessible high altitude area to rescue 45 medical personnel and 52 school students aged between nine to 10 years, who were stranded for the last 10 days in two different locations in Himachal Pradesh.
Battling inaccessible valley with limited landing facilities, IAF pilots embarked on a mission which tested their nerves and capabilities in adverse conditions. Living to their image, IAF did not disappoint and successfully pulled out the stranded people from the inhospitable terrain.
From creating air bridges to using small helipad for landing, IAF pilots used their expertise to operate with limited facilities to evacuate the people in distress.

On September 18 Air Force Station, Udhampur was tasked to carry out Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief (HADR) mission in Himachal Pradesh, close to Chamba and Kilar valley.
"Two aircraft were launched from Air Force Station, Udhampur immediately and they had a tiring task of landing at a small helipad at Chamba that could accommodate only single aircraft. On reaching, the aircrew realized that there were 52 school children aged 9-10 years stranded at Chamba town for the past 10 days. The children were from a school at Kilar and were to be airlifted back to Kilar," said Colonel Rajesh Kalia, officiating defence spokesman at Northern Command Headquarters.
29/09/18 Ishfaq-ul-Hassan/DNA