Monday, September 03, 2018

Travellers slam Vistara for apathy after flight cancellation

The double standard of Vistara management was exposed when passengers heading for Port Blair from Chennai in the Vistara airlines flight were left to suffer at the Chennai airport after the Port Blair bound Vistara flight failed to land at the Port Blair airport due to inclement weather. The flight had to return to Chennai as inclement weather made landing impossible. The Vistara flight from Port Blair to Chennai flight also got cancelled due to the same reason. However, the Chennai bound passengers were provided suitable accommodation at Port Blair and were accommodated in another Vistara flight the next day whereas the passengers stranded at Chennai airport were deprived the accommodation facilities. Poor passengers had no option but to arrange for self accommodation for the night.
Some of the Port Blair bound passengers told this Correspondent that though the airlines arranged special flight for the stranded passengers, the next day, passengers had to undergo untold miseries at the airport. The rude behaviour of the airlines staff have added to the woes of the passengers.
03/09/18 Echo of India