Saturday, September 01, 2018

Why Rafale Deal An 'Emergency Purchase': Chidambaram

Former finance minister P Chidambaram on Saturday hit out on Prime Minister Narendra Modi for terming the Radale deal as "emergency purchase".

The congress leader raised questions about the deal and appeal the Centre to explain the reason.

This reaction came as Chidambaram claimed that Modi on April 10, 2015 had called the purchase of 36 Rafale aircrafts an 'emergency off-the-shelf' deal.

Addressing the media, Chidambaram said, "People are asking what this aircraft is? Not one has arrived in this country so far. What is this emergency purchase? Have you been in an emergency purchase with a delivery date seven years later? You called it 'emergency purchase'. Prime Minister on April 2015 said that we are buying 36 aircraft of the shelves but until today not even one aircraft have arrived in India. The first aircraft will come sometime in September 2019. And the last of the 36 aircraft is expected to come by the year 2022. Now, what is the emergency project?"
01/09/18 Outlook