Saturday, October 27, 2018

60-yr-old waits in flight for 50 minutes for a wheelchair

Pune: A sixty-year-old woman, recovering from cancer and travelling on an Air India Express flight from Pune, had to wait for more than 50 minutes for a wheelchair after landing in Dubai on October 23.
Rahul Dalwale, the woman’s son, who works as a software professional in Dubai, told TOI that his attempts to elicit response from the national carrier, remained futile with no one providing him the reason for the delay in providing wheelchair assistance to his mother.
“My mother, who is recovering from cancer, and father were travelling on an AI Express flight (IX-211) from Pune to Dubai on October 23. I had made sure that my mother, who cannot walk much, gets a wheelchair while boarding the aircraft in Pune as well as while disembarking in Dubai. I had followed all formalities while placing a request for a wheelchair. There was no issue in Pune but they faced a harrowing ordeal once they landed in Dubai. It is a very serious issue as she had come to spend some time with me after her recovery,” Rahul, a Pune resident, said.
According to him, once the flight landed in Dubai, his mother had to wait for a long time for wheelchair assistance to arrive along with two other passengers.
Rahul said that after a wait for around 50 minutes, only one wheelchair arrived. “It was strange as the staff at the Dubai airport said that they were informed about only one wheelchair. The wheelchair that ultimately arrived was meant for my mother but after seeing the plight of the male passenger who couldn’t walk a step, she gave the wheelchair to him. My parents were taken to the terminal building in a vehicle and later given a wheelchair..” Rahul said.
27/10/18 Joy Sengupta/Times of India