Saturday, October 06, 2018

6,000 trees to be felled, 1,000 to be transplanted for Bokaro airport expansion

Bokaro: At least 6,000 trees will be axed while over 1000 tree would be transplanted for the expansion and development of the Bokaro airport.

All total 7000 trees inside the present airport premises have been identified and got numbering by the Horticulture Department, needs to be cut down for the expansion of the airport, informed PR Naidu, DFO Bokaro.
Meanwhile, about 1000 trees which girth (radius) is less than 7 inches would be transplanted at some other place and it does not need any kind of permission (for the transplantation), he said.

“Without cutting the trees civil work for the airport could not be started. We have sent a proposal to the high power committee for cut down the 6,000 trees and waiting for their approvals,” added DFO.     

The cutting of the trees has been done in two-phase, in the first phase, 4000 trees would be axed, informed an official. But the district administration and other related departments will have to plant five trees for every tree would be felled, an official said.
06/10/18 Pioneer