Friday, October 12, 2018

Air India Express Trichy-Dubai flight hits compund wall and ATC tower, diverted to Mumbai

An Air India Express flight from Trichy to Dubai with 136 passengers on board hit the Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower and the compound wall while it was taking off. The incident took place at 1:20 am on Friday. The flight was diverted to Mumbai and landed safely at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport. All the passengers are safe.

According to reports in news agency ANI, the aircraft suffered damages on its belly in the incident. However, after an inspection at the Mumbai airport, it was given it a go-ahead for operations. An internal inquiry has been set up to investigate the incident and the pilot and co-pilot have been suspended till the probe is completed.

Pictures taken at the site show that a part of the compound wall of the airport has been broken due to the impact. This indicates that the flight was just taking off when it grazed the compound wall of the ATC which led to it crumbling down due to the speed of the aircraft.

The major reason for the accident is suspected to be the lack of a sufficient runway length at the Trichy airport. The only airport to have the shortest runway of 8,136 feet is Tiruchirapalli International airport. Plans to expand the runway in the airport have been in the offing for a decade now, but cannot be completed due to want of more land.
12/10/18 News Minute