Saturday, October 06, 2018

Air India Jammu-Srinagar flight hits dog on runway on landing

New Delhi: The menace of animal incursions at airports shows no sign of ending. An Air India flight was reportedly greeted by a dog on Srinagar runway when it landed there on Friday. The Airbus A-320 (VT-CIM) was operating as AI 821 on Jammu-Srinagar when it is learnt to have have hit the dog on the runway after landing.
Airport sources say a dog “came in contact” with the plane after it landed there. “The AI plane taxied on its own to the passenger terminal. The runway was checked to ensure there was no aircraft debris resulting from possible damage of animal hit or animal remains. Once that was done in 15-20 minutes, flight movements resumed,” said a source.
“The aircraft was checked by engineering and cleared after the episode,” said a senior AI official. Luckily the aircraft was not damaged and flew to Delhi after the checks.
Srinagar has a defence airport belonging to Indian Air Force with a civil enclave from where passengers board and alight from aircraft.
In the past, there have been several cases where animals like cows, buffaloes and pigs strayed on runways across India when aircraft movement was happening. Srinagar was among the 20 airports that the DGCA had audited two years back after identifying them as being the most vulnerable to animal incursions. It had asked states where these airports are to take remedial steps for augmenting safety. Bird hits are common at airports.
06/10/18 Saurabh Sinha/Times of India