Monday, October 29, 2018

Lion Air crash: officials say 189 onboard lost flight JT610 – as it happened

Here’s what we know so far:

Lion Air flight JT610 crashed, 13 minutes after takeoff, in the sea off Jakarta at roughly 6.30am local time.
189 people were on board, including passengers and crew. 20 of the passengers were Indonesian officials, according to the finance department.
The low-cost carrier’s flight was travelling from Jakarta to Pangkal Pinang in Indonesia.
There has been no indication of casualties, and a search and rescue operation is still underway.
The plane was a new model – a Boeing 737 MAX 8 – and had only been in use for 2 months. The pilot requested a return to the airport shortly before the crash.
Lion Air’s CEO said the same plane reported a “technical issue” on Sunday night, but had been cleared to fly on Monday. He said he would not ground the other MAX 8 planes in Lion Air’s fleet.
The emergency beacon did not emit a distress call, despite it being certified to work until August 2019.
Rescuers have released footage of plane debris and personal items floating in the water at the crash site. They have found handbags, clothing, cellphones, ID cards and drivers licenses.
Indonesian officials say they will not speculate on the cause of the crash until the black box is found.
29/10/18 The Guardian