Sunday, October 28, 2018

New system to aid flights in fog, dark at Lucknow airport

Lucknow: There will be relief from diversions of flights due to poor visibility this winter as Lucknow airport is now better equipped to handle the problem. On Friday, the approach control surveillance service system was installed at the airport to help in landing and take-off in foggy conditions and at night.

Even on regular days, it will help reduce the time taken by flights in take-off and landing by 15-20 minutes in case the pre-determined path is busy due to traffic.

As of now, flights are diverted at the failure of the 'doppler very high frequency omni range' (a radio navigation system to control the en route flight in case of poor visibility on runway).

With the new approach radar system, pilots will be given route navigation for landing and take-off, said a senior airport official.
28/10/18 Times of India