Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Pay cab charges, fly domestic for a year if you report late, Air India warns cabin crew

New Delhi: Air India cabin crew not turning up for flights on time will now have to pay the transportation cost incurred by the airline on their office pick-up cab. And the airline will roster the late-comers for domestic flights only for a year, where they stand to lose their overseas flying allowance. It has also decided that its cabin crew will stay in three star hotels both in India and abroad.
AI has issued a string of directives for both cost-cutting after the latest 7.3% hike in jet fuel prices which is going to lead to hike in fuel cost by an additional Rs 65 crore this month. On Monday the airline issued orders saying: “It has been decided henceforth that cabin crew will stay in three star hotel in India and abroad. All fresh tender for cabin crew (hotel accommodation) will be only for three star hotels throughout AI network. This may be strictly followed.”
This June, AI had decided that its cabin crew members will share hotel room in a gender sensitive manner (meaning women not being asked to share rooms with men).
The other order issued said: “All cabin crew who do not report for scheduled flight will fly only domestic routes for a year. The cost incurred in sending transport to their residence will also be recovered from them.”
02/10/18 Saurabh Sinha/Times of India