Thursday, October 18, 2018

Rafale deal: 'Fresh documents reveal murky dealings, time for PM Modi to speak,' says Congress

New Delhi: The Congress on Wednesday alleged that fresh documents in the Rafale deal reveal that Prime Minister Narendra Modi facilitated the contract between Dassault Aviation and Reliance Defence and said it is time he broke his silence on the issue.
Congress chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said the Rafale scam is getting "murkier and muddier" by the day as fresh documents have reinforced that prime minister Modi "facilitated a sweetheart deal" with Dassault to "illegitimately" benefit a crony friend - Reliance Defence.

"Undisputed evidence now corroborates, brazen 'crony capitalism' and 'quid pro quo' by the Modi government in the multi- crore Rafale scam. Time for prime minister Modi to break his silence," he told reporters here.

He said the lid of the Modi government's "murky sweetheart deal in the Rafale scam is now off" and asked whether Modi was prime minister of India or of Anil Ambani.

Surjewala also asked who was brokering this deal bypassing the lone public sector company which has 60 years of expertise in manufacturing defence aircraft.
The Congress leader alleged the new set of documents reveal the truth of Rs 30,000 crore "offset contract" and a Rs 1,00,000 crore "life cycle cost contract" to Reliance Defence establishes that the deal was a "compensation' brokered by Modi government" and states that it was "it was imperative and mandatory for Dassault-Aviation to accept this counterpart".
17/10/18 PTI/Times of India