Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Special cop patrol at airport after assault on app cab driver

Kolkata: Two days after the assault of an app cab driver by a couple of passengers at Kolkata airport led to a flash strike by fellow cab drivers that severely inconvenienced hundreds of incoming passengers, Bidhannagar Commissionerate on Monday put in place special police patrol at the app cab bay and advised employees manning app cab counters to step in as soon as they sense a potential flashpoint.
On Saturday night, two passengers assaulted an app cab driver for refusing to carry excess people and baggage in his vehicle. The two were among a family of five that had arrived from Delhi and booked an Uber to travel to Tollygunge. But when all of them tried to pile into the car with their luggage, the driver refused, pointing out that he could only carry four persons. He then advised the passengers to book a second cab. This enraged the passengers and two of them allegedly attacked the driver and left him with a bleeding head.
23/10/18 Tamaghna Banerjee/Times of India