Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Suhel Seth was Dassault Aviation’s brand building consultant in India till 2015, was paid Rs 1.4 crore per annum

Celebrity consultant Suhel Seth was appointed Dassault Aviation — the company which makes Rafale fighter jets — to build its brand image in India months before the then United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government chose Dassault Aviation for supplying 126 Rafale fighter jets. The company had appointed Seth in 2011 for a period of four years, to build its brand image. Following his appointment and the commencement of the agreement in July 2011, Managing Partner of Counselage India Suhel Seth was appointed by Dassault for a monthly fee of Rs 12 lakh. Speaking on the matter, Suhel Seth said that Counselage India was chosen for Dassault’s brand building in the country for the period between 2011 and 2015 while Ogilvy PR was given the responsibility to manage company’s PR.
Speaking to a leading daily on his association with Dassault Aviation, Suhel Seth said that his job was to work towards building the brand image of the mother company including the CSR effort, advertising and brandings for his client. Suhel said that he dealt with the consumer brand Falcon jets and had zero involvement in the Rafale jet deal. Suhel Seth cleared that his involvement with the Dassault Aviation had no interference with the price and design negotiations with Defence Minister’s Rafale jet deal.
30/10/18 NewsX