Monday, October 22, 2018

Taj top draw but Agra airport sees lowest traffic in country: RTI

Agra: It’s ironical that Agra which receives the highest number of tourists in the country has seen the lowest air traffic during April-August this year. With the iconic Taj Mahal still remaining the top draw among tourist destinations in the country, the city sees over a crore tourists every year. Its airport, nonetheless, just saw 4,217 visitors in the above-mentioned period.
According to available figures provided by Airport Authority of India (AAI), traffic at Agra airport was the lowest in comparison to 10 other tourist cities, including Jaipur (19.19 lakh), followed by Lucknow (19.12 lakh), Varanasi (10.02 lakh), Udaipur (4.92 lakh), Jodhpur (1.65 lakh), Allahabad (33,473), Bikaner (23,594), Jaisalmer (18,126), Khajuraho (12,232) and Gwalior (10,745) during the same period.
However, the number of passengers at Agra airport have increased by 156% as compared to the last year. About 1,642 passengers travelled to Agra by air from April to August in 2017-18 and this number has gone up to 4,217 during the same period in 2018-19. This was disclosed in an RTI reply sought by KC Jain, a local resident.
At present, only two flights operate from the city. Air India and Alliance Air fly from Agra to Kahjuraho and Agra to Jaipur.
In the first five months of the current financial year (April to August), the aircraft movement was only 194 times in Agra. However, in Jaipur, it was 91.47 % higher as 17,747 times movement was recorded and second highest was in the state capital, Lucknow (15,346) times.
22/10/18 Anuja Jaiswal/Times of India