Thursday, November 15, 2018

65 years later, Tatas about to revive JRD's aviation success

New Delhi: JRD Tata's ambitious dream to start the first Indian airline, which he turned into reality with utter passion, died a sarkari death when he was removed from the chairmanship of the airline in 1977, 25 years after it was nationalised by Jawaharlal Nehru in 1953. Today, the Tata group is on the verge to revive that dream. The group is in talks with Naresh Goyal-promoted Jet Airways to merge the airline into Vistara and buy out the promoters and shareholders. Vistara is operated by Tata SIA Airlines, a joint venture between Tatas and Singapore Airlines.

Acquisition of Jet will provide the Tatas the rights and assets that will help it expand Vistara into a far bigger airline and resuscitate JRD Tata's dream of a world-class Indian airline.
Jet has ordered 225 Boeing Max planes and 10 Boeing 787 dreamliners. They will add to Vistara's orders, leases and options of 50 A320s and A321s and 10 787 Dreamliners. Jet has daily 600 daily flights to 66 destinations while Vistara has just 112 flights to 22 destinations. Jet flew 30 million pasengers in FY18 while Vistara flew only 4.4 million. Jet has 20 codeshare partners while Vistara has only 3.
If the acquisition happens, the Tata group will help revive and shape up JRD Tata's ambitious aviation dream.
Flying was a passion with JRD Tata. He was the first person to qualify within India to fly, according to the company website. "He got his licence, which bore on it Number 1, on 10 February 1929. As an aviator and pioneer flier, he was the one who brought commercial aviation to India. JRD went on to establish Air-India International in 1948 and became the president of Inter-national Air Transport Association (IATA) within 10 years of its establishment. He remained at the helm of Air India till1978, making it one of the most efficient airlines in the world," the website says.
15/11/18 Economic Times