Friday, November 02, 2018

Airfares shoot up as festive bells ring

New Delhi: This festive season has given airlines an opportunity to charge unimaginably high airfares. In the absence of any control, the airfares are going over the roof and touching almost Rs 80,000 on some sectors.

All the full service carriers including Jet Airways and Air Vistara are charging more than Rs 20,000 for long-haul flights on Mumbai-Delhi, Chennai-Delhi, Bengaluru-Delhi and Bengaluru-Patna sectors. The prices are only going northwards as time ticks.

Low cost carriers like IndiGo and GoAir are also not far behind as this festive season has offered them also a good opportunity to earn revenue from passengers. Passengers wanting to be with the family are likely spend extra amount.

According to, a travel portal, an economy ticket from Bangalore to Delhi via Mumbai will cost a passenger Rs 79,000 for a 5.45 p.m. flight on Friday.
02/11/18 Abhijeet Anand/Statesman